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Pork-fect Pair – Porchetta Pork Shoulder and Opaque Darkness

December 15 | No Comments on Pork-fect Pair – Porchetta Pork Shoulder and Opaque Darkness

The perfect pair takes a lot of effort, from finding the complementing balance to making sure the match is correct. Whether this is a food pairing or the perfect romantic pair, we want to help bridge these two worlds together by creating the ultimate date night recipe for you and your loved one. Porchetta is […]

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Opaque Rich Red Wines

September 13 | No Comments on Opaque Rich Red Wines

Rich red wines have a number of benefits. They help protect your heart, are rich in antioxidants, taste delicious and make an average meal extraordinary, just to name a few. If you think that sounds good, you have to try the Opaque rich red wine collection.   Opaque rich red wines unleash combinations of smoky aged oak […]

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Dark red wines are always well matched with a home-cooked meal but knowing the perfect pairing can give you that leg up at your next dinner party, or to just fully enjoy the bottle to yourself.  Opaque has 4 varietals and the newest addition to this intense ensemble is Darkness.  The name itself gives you […]

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Truffles and Wine at the Same Time?

August 6 | No Comments on Truffles and Wine at the Same Time?

When we are buying red wines we often think of great food pairing as elaborate meals or appetizers, especially if they are award winning dry wines! Of course, this is because it’s one of the best ways to enjoy these types of wine. But today we want to break the norm. We want you to […]

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Once you go to the Dark Side…

July 23 | No Comments on Once you go to the Dark Side…

Chocolate covered strawberries.  Dark Cherries.  Lava cakes.  Rums. Blackberries.  Brownies.  Black tea.  Some things are just better dark and wines are no exception.  We’ve discovered this with our Opaque brand and we’ve createdhigh quality varietals of dark red blends. This brand is appropriately named because Opaque means impenetrable to light, exactly what good dark red […]

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Taste the Opacity

July 6 | No Comments on Taste the Opacity

Expert? Beginner? Passionate? Curious? It doesn’t matter! If you usually love red wines or you want to experience stronger flavors, you likely can appreciate a good rich red wine. Opaque Wines are waiting for you. Be confident in this choice because they are award winning rich red wines. Opaque means impenetrable to light. This refers […]

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Deep, Dark, Bold Opaque Wines

June 25 | No Comments on Deep, Dark, Bold Opaque Wines

Opaque wines brand is in thanks to the tenacity of The Riboli Family and their strong belief in crafting the finest artisan wines. Opaque Wines are cultivated in the prestigious Paso Robles region of California, a world-renowned region for producing high quality wines. The brand’s name refers to the deep color, rich flavors, and complex […]

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Take a Walk on the Dark Side

June 25 | No Comments on Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Have you ever wondered about old wives tales?  Been curious about mythical creatures or drawn to magic?  You might have an attraction for the mysterious.  Perhaps enjoy a bit of the unknown.  Maybe have a sense of adventure.  Well if so, then it’s time for you to taste the darkness. Welcome to where the dark […]

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Bring Out Your Dad’s Bold Richness This Father’s Day

June 16 | No Comments on Bring Out Your Dad’s Bold Richness This Father’s Day

Dads have that strong bold nature and we have an exclusive brand of red wines that match perfectly for this Father’s day. Opaque Wines are known for their deep darkness, specifically crafted with depth. A great gift idea is to fill a basket with all your dad’s favorite things, maybe some hobby necessities, and then […]

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Not All Darks Leads To Bad

June 6 | No Comments on Not All Darks Leads To Bad

Dry wines are an acquired taste but our Opaque Wines are quality wines, unique in flavor and winning awards throughout the years, including these in just 2016 so far alone: Opaque Petit Verdot 2010, Paso Robles 97 Points – Platinum Medal & Cellar Selection, (Beverage Testing Institute) Opaque Malbec 2010, Paso Robles 92 Points […]

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