Taste The Darkness

Bold and rich, the wines in our Opaque Earth Elements series are created to highlight the character of the unique terroir from each of our estate vineyards in Paso Robles. Each component defines the terroir and the microclimate, distinguishing each vineyard.


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The head-trained vines in our estate vineyards in Paso Robles, grow on calcareous shale soils that impart a distinct minerality to the wine. The resulting Opaque wines are heady and unapologetic in their undaunting flavor profiles.

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We pay special attention to the cultivation of our vineyards, in order to let the wines shine with the unique varietal characteristics of each site.

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Earth Elements

The Earth’s elements work together in harmony to define the terroir and the microclimate of each vineyard block, making it distinct from any other. Our labels pay homage to these components vital to the core of making outstanding wines.

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Sustainability is a top priority at Opaque Wines and we’ve implemented several practices aimed at reducing our use of natural resources and limiting our impact on the environment.

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