Earth Elements

The Earth’s Elements work together in harmony to define the terroir and the microclimate of each vineyard block, making it distinct from any other. Our labels pay homage to these components vital to the core of making outstanding wines. With each bottle, you’ll embark on a sensory journey, discovering the complexity that lies within Paso Robles’ extraordinary terroir. Explore, savor and let Opaque take you on a voyage through the very essence of wine.

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The dance of clouds with the cool ocean breeze shapes the character of our wines, influencing temperature and sunlight.




Our grapes draw nuance from the calcareous rocks, adding minerality and depth to their flavors.




The aging process in oak barrels imparts layers of complexity to our wines.




Responsible water management ensures the fruit’s quality, balance and is at the core of our focus on sustainability.




The rich, unique soil types in Paso Robles lend themselves to amazing flavor and aroma in the bottle.